Mother’s Day New Candles collection


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Hello my dears.

Every year Mother’s Day is one of biggest holiday among others and many of YOU are searching for a gift for MOM. Carved candles could be very attractive gift for this DAY. I would like to introduce you with Monna Candle edited collection for Mother’s Day of 2017. Most of popular candles from my shop now available in TWO different SIZES and YOU have two option to choose LARGE or SMALL candle of same colour design.

I kindly invite YOU to visit my on-line stores on Etsy,,, and DaWanda.

Best wishes and happy shopping,




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I have spent huge amount of time in order to find durable and good looking gift box for my candles. Believe me that I have been trying many of variations. And only now I can say that I am satisfied with new arrival. Those boxes as at the picture matches all sizes of my candles and are strong enough to survive long way transportation all around the world. I am selling to more than 70 countries. From now on I am glad to propose for all my clients to ship candles not only by standard boxes but also in Gift Boxes. I believe that it will make my customers more happy as they will have option to send candles as a gift to their friends and family members in presentable packaging. As long they will be happy I will be twice happy .

Have a nice day.


Carving process. How its made. Part 4.


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Hello, my lovely readers.
By publishing this video I am opening a series of short films of Monna Candles Carving Process. Please do not take it as a lesson. It is not, because most of processing actions are still behind the scene. You see just finishing part of my work. But in any case by watching it you will better understand how my candles are created, how it shaped, you will understand that it is pure handmade work, and it is piece of art because there is no chance to create two identical candles.
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Have a nice day.

Monna Candles

Carved Candles 2016 Christmas Collection from Monna Candles


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Hello, everybody.

Christmas is approaching us faster and faster …But, there is Good News – we have still plenty of time to buy presents for relatives and friends.

Perhaps my New Collection of Candle Sets for Christmas will help you to take the right decision while choosing gifts.

It will create a peaceful environment at Christmas Eve and can enchant your guests with such a lovely surrounding.




All above pictures are clickable and you may be redirected directly to my Shop at Etsy. You will find there more detailed description about these sets  – candles dimensions, its weight, time of burning and condition of purchase.

For those who have read this post till the end and likes my new candle collection I propose  a deal.

You could get one of this candle set for FREE.

In order to win this set you have to make following three steps >>>:

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All of these three steps shall be done under the same name (e-mail, nick name etc.)

All my followers who will pass all three steps will become participants of Monna Candles Christmas Lottery which will take place at 26 of November 2016. Three Christmas sets will be raffled. So, there going to be a three winners.

I wish you all to Have a Fun and Good Luck!!!



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Monna Candles Etsy shop is happy to announce several promotional programs of cooperation with media writers, video bloggers and handmade content bloggers.
If you are a YouTube Channel owner, a respected member of a popular handmade forums or a content writer on a major handnade blog we’ll be happy to work with you in one of Monna Candles Pro Programs.

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How do I get 25$ Monna Candles Gift Card?

  1. We want you to love Monna Candles products. Share your experience about one of our product listed in Monna Candles Etsy Shop with your family and friends on your blog, your Facebook, your YouTube video channel, forum or any other social community. Not only do you help others, we also offer 25$ Gift Cards that can be shared with your friends or used by you personally.
  2. Please submit us link to your comments, reviews or video about Monna Candles product and we’ll immediately send you a code for 25$ GIft Card. With this card you can make purchase in our Etsy shop or Give Away it to your friends or loved one which can be used for their future shopping. You can submit as many reviews as you want: the more you submit, the more Gift Cards you’ll receive!


How do I get Candle from  Monna Candles Etsy shop FREE?

  1. It’s easy – if you publish Monna Candles product review on your blog, on a forum, on your Facebook Page, or as a YouTube video at your own YouTube channel, we’ll offer you Give Away candle which is shown on the picture below. Please be creative in your reviews. All what we ask is the content must be written by you, and includes a link pointing to Monna Candles shop on Etsy.PropProgram
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    In order to receive candle FREE please fulfil all two articles of PRO PROGRAM 2.
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Thank you in advance! Hope to hear from you soon!

Monna Candles Administration.



Rainbow candle GIF animation.


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Hello everybody!
Only 22 days left till Mother’s Day. Hurry up to buy her a present. One gift idea could be a carved candle which you see below. Follow the link to make a purchase>>>