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20131129_120811-02If you are searching product, which will make an impact on your customers, will limit impact from your competition and bring you more sales to your shop, then you are in right place! The Monna Candles Etsy Shop offers a wide variety of hand carved candles for all occasions and for most of off- and on-line retailers.

We propose three main different types of candles for wholesale:
1. Small size candles – 12 cm, 350 gr (4,72’’, 12.347oz)
2. Large candles – 20 cm, 800 gr (7,87 ‘’, 1lb 12.219oz)
3. Tall candles – 22 cm, 500 gr (8.66’’, 1lb 1.6370oz)
Below you can see discount rates in depends of quantity and size of your wholesale order:


Wholesale Payments: We accept ONLY PAYPAL payment. We will issue a detailed invoice through PayPal system and send it to you by e-mail. You will be obliged to pay first 50% of invoice value in advance and 50% before shipment. You will be charged for total shipping cost of your wholesale candle order.
Product Minimums: Monna Candles does require a MOQ (minimum order quantity). It shall not be less than 100 USD. For bulk discounts, please contact us directly at monnacandles@gmail.com
Order Fulfilment: Fulfilment can take 1-2 weeks depending upon stock levels, and therefore all wholesale clients are asked to plan accordingly. If your order will take longer than 1-2 weeks, you will receive an email immediately from your sales rep.
Shipping & Handling: We work with our local Post Office carriers – Poczta Polska. It is a cheapest way to send the parcels. Nevertheless, we can ship via UPS, FedEx or other similar carrier. International buyers are responsible for any and all Customs Charges, Taxes & Additional Postal Fees that may occur. Monna Candles reserves the right to refuse any order felt to be fraudulent.
Size & Weight of the parcel: Each of carrier provide their own regulation in regards to the size and weight of the parcel. Please note that usually the maximum weight of single parcel for international shipment via most of carriers shall not exceed 30kg (66lb 2.22oz). We provide you full weight calculation to achieve one parcel shipment prior to placement of the final order.
Wholesale Returns: We stand behind our products and want to maintain a great relationship with our retailers. All retail orders come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Items must be in resalable condition. Simply return unacceptable item with the original invoice and a note stating the reason for return and we’ll refund your purchase price. Shipping & handling charges are not refundable.
Lost, Incorrect or Damaged Goods: If candle(s) is damaged or incorrect upon arrival, save all contents of the parcel and packing materials and contact us within 3 business days after its arrival. Candles that arrive in damaged condition will be replaced only after photos taken of the damaged item are submitted to Monna Candles for review. These photos must be sent via email to monnacandles@gmail.com. Shipments that have been determined to be lost, after thoroughly researching the package through Post Mail tracking service provider, will be replaced. For both circumstances, a monetary refund will not be given.
Discounts: All discounts must be applied when you place your order. But, it is not applied for shipping charges. Discount rate will be reflected in your invoice. Once the order is placed, we cannot offer a refund.
Internet Retailer Requirements: Resellers must have privacy and customer service policies, as well as overall business ethics. It is crucial that Monna Candles products remain a reputable and trusted brand. Once approved, we will send product photography free of charge for use on your website in order to maintain a consistent presentation of the brand. All Monna Candle material, including text from our website, ads, catalog, and other written documentation, may be used only with the express written consent of Monna Candle owner. The presentation of the Monna Candles line on your site must clearly differentiate from Monna Candles own websites and must not confuse a “reasonable consumer”.

So, whether your business is large or small, let The Monna Candles be your source for quality carved candles.
For any questions, please contact us today via monnacandles@gmail.com

Looking forward.

Galina Fasovska
Monna Candles owner, Art Master