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Monna Candles Etsy shop is happy to announce several promotional programs of cooperation with media writers, video bloggers and handmade content bloggers.
If you are a YouTube Channel owner, a respected member of a popular handmade forums or a content writer on a major handnade blog we’ll be happy to work with you in one of Monna Candles Pro Programs.

PRO PROGRAM 1 – GET 25$ Monna Candles GIFT CARD

How do I get 25$ Monna Candles Gift Card?

  1. We want you to love Monna Candles products. Share your experience about one of our product listed in Monna Candles Etsy Shop with your family and friends on your blog, your Facebook, your YouTube video channel, forum or any other social community. Not only do you help others, we also offer 25$ Gift Cards that can be shared with your friends or used by you personally.
  2. Please submit us link to your comments, reviews or video about Monna Candles product and we’ll immediately send you a code for 25$ GIft Card. With this card you can make purchase in our Etsy shop or Give Away it to your friends or loved one which can be used for their future shopping. You can submit as many reviews as you want: the more you submit, the more Gift Cards you’ll receive!


How do I get Candle from  Monna Candles Etsy shop FREE?

  1. It’s easy – if you publish Monna Candles product review on your blog, on a forum, on your Facebook Page, or as a YouTube video at your own YouTube channel, we’ll offer you Give Away candle which is shown on the picture below. Please be creative in your reviews. All what we ask is the content must be written by you, and includes a link pointing to Monna Candles shop on Etsy.PropProgram
  2. In addition we ask you to start follow us at Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
    In order to receive candle FREE please fulfil all two articles of PRO PROGRAM 2.
  3. Please submit your review by filling the form below. Our review team will check it within 48 hours and will make decision about a date of shipping candles to your address. Don’t forget to provide us your shipping address.


Thank you in advance! Hope to hear from you soon!

Monna Candles Administration.