20130808_114019-01Carved candles are 100% handmade product and situating at the top level of all candles ever known. Art masters are unique in their ability to create these tremendous candles. There are few dozens of them in the world.  Our art shop is happy to be part of it and propose wide range of hand carved candles  from our workshop MONNA CANDLES.

Making candles has been my dream for many years. I have spent almost 3 years learning how to hand carve candles, at the same time studying and searching for my own style of carving, colour combinations and design. After my candles become popular with my friends and family, and people from the community commenced to ask if they could buy one for themselves, I decided to established my family business and have opened with my husband Monna Candles on-line shop on Etsy.

Handmade candles are a piece of art work and each one is unique in itself. My collection of candles includes wedding unity candles, candles for birthday and anniversary, church candles, blessing candles, customised candles, personalised candles, Christmas candles, Easter candles, taper candles and many other types.

Welcome to my Monna Candles Etsy Shop. I hope you will find the candle that you will like!

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